In the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow this November, Side by Side Scotland are hosting ‘Training for Trainers’ for women across Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh – to sign up go to:

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Glasgow 26/03 (part 2)

Edinburgh 02/04

Christian Aid are currently running a campaign to highlight the plight of displaced people around the world

What’s the problem?

Worldwide, two thirds of people who are forced to leave their homes remain in their own country. Seeking safety but unwilling or unable to cross a border, they are largely ignored by the international community and denied the official protection afforded to refugees.

More than 40 million people are displaced within their own country. 

The reasons for displacement are many: conflict, flooding, drought, fear. But invariably, the poorest face the hardest challenges. Displacement leaves many without a safe place to call home. It increases the chances of losing out on jobs and education, and it puts people at increased risk of violence,

In 2018, the UN is bringing states together to sign two new agreements, called Compacts, on refugees and migrants. This is an opportunity to make sure that some of the most vulnerable people in the world are better support by the international community.

To find out more, email Fiona Buchanan at Christian Aid Scotland at