Meet Your MSP

Meet Your MSP is an exciting new project from the SCPO (Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office) – building links between congregations and recently elected MSPs.

We want church communities to be at the heart of the decisions that affect everyday lives – and what better way to get involved than for your church to meet local MSPs early in their term of office.

The project starts this summer as MSPs are on recess from the Scottish Parliament and will be based locally. We will provide ideas and information that will help you to organise meetings that will be interesting for everyone involved. It could be a public meeting, an invitation to a project or church event that you are already organising, or it could be a walk in your local area to highlight issues that you would like addressed. The possibilities are endless – but making contact early is crucial.

We want as many churches as possible to get involved and let us know what they are planning – with a celebration of church engagement at a Scottish Parliament event in February 2017.

Further information is available here – with ideas from the following networks: Eco Congregation Scotland, Scottish Churches Housing Action, Priority Areas and Faith in Communities Scotland among others. The project is also supported by ACTS (Action of Churches Together in Scotland).