Brexit: Protecting What Matters – What’s at Stake for Individuals in the Brexit Talks

This document initiated by the Scottish Government sets out what people across Scotland and beyond are saying about Brexit, in their own words. It highlights what is really at stake for them in terms of prospects, quality of life, family, community and world and sets out some of the actions the Scottish Government is taking to protect their interests.

The Church of Scotland contributed to this publication which looks at the effect Brexit is having on some of the people in our churches. 

Prayers to Confront Poverty in Scotland

As a way to highlight Challenge Poverty Week, held annually in October, SCPO produced a resource, ‘Prayers to Confront Poverty in Scotland’ with a prayer for each day of the week from different Christian denominations and groups.

The Art of the Possible

Does politics have a role in the Church or is it a distraction from our mission? Is politics about compromise – what is possible – when our Christian faith is about truth?

At a time when a lot of people say they are turned off by politics, many in our churches are still concerned about what is going on in our world. What does politics mean for our faith – and what should our faith mean for our politics?

The Art of the Possible is a resource produced by the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) to help people to explore these questions. It was initially released in 2013, but here has been updated and renewed for 2017.

Faith in Politics

The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) have produced this briefing which looks at some of the issues facing voters, through the lens of shared Christian faith.

The four topics it singles out for discussion are:

  • The UK’s relationship with the European Union
  • Migration, forced displacement and the UK asylum system
  • Poverty and economic inequality in the UK
  • The UK’s role in the world

Conversation Welcome

‘Conversation Welcome: Exploring the Future of the UK after the EU Referendum’ is a resource for churches to explore what the result of the EU Referendum will mean for them. 

A Place To Call Home?

‘A Place To Call Home?’ features a set of six Bible studies for small group discussion focusing on a range of issues around the topic of housing. It is produced by the Joint Public Issues Team in collaboration with Housing Justice and Scottish Churches Housing Action.

‘A Place To Call Home?’ offers a biblical and theological framework to help us respond, as followers of Jesus, to the emerging issues that we might confront.

The Joint Public Issues Team combines the expertise of the Baptist Union, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Church of Scotland in the area of public issues.

A Christian Vision for Education in Schools

A resource created by Action Together for Churches in Scotland (ACTS). The Scottish Churches’ Education Group is made up of representatives from the Church of Scotland, Methodist Church, Roman Catholic Church, Scottish Episcopal Church and the United Free Church of Scotland.

Speak Up: a brief guide to the law and your gospel freedoms 

Speak Up is a resource from the Evangelical Alliance and the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship which aims to equip and inspire Christians with confidence and knowledge of the current legal freedoms we have to share our faith. If you are interested in ordering a large number of the brief guide email Jo Wright

Loving One Another: a resource to address gender based violence

Christian Aid Scotland and the Scottish Episcopal Church have released a resource to address gender-based violence.

In her introduction to the new resource, Christian Aid Scotland chairwoman Sally Foster-Fulton said: “Gender-based violence is a global pandemic which has undermined the will and purpose of God for too long.

“It diminishes us all, stifles the lives of women and girls and fractures our relationships. It is all too easy to assume that this is a problem that exists somewhere else. However, violence against women respects no boundaries: geographical, social or cultural.”

For a print version, email Wendy Young, Christian Aid’s Worship and Theology Partnerships Coordinator, or call her on 0141 241 6137.

Faithful Endeavours

A guide to how public agencies and faith communities can work better together.

This resource was written by Faith in Community Scotland’s Transformation Team and the Scottish Community Development Centre, as part of the Scottish Government Better Community Engagement Training Programme.