MP Brendan O’Hara meets congregation in Ardrishaig

Climate justice was the topic tackled by MP Brendan O’Hara when he visited parishioners in Ardrishaig last week.

The MP for Argyll and Bute challenged the Ardrishaig Church Eco Group to think of the impact that people have on others, especially the poor across the world.

He spoke about the specific effects of climate change in Malawi – demonstrating the link between poverty and climate change, and highlighting that women are particularly impacted.

Mr O’Hara added that the UK ministry of defence are concerned about the defence implications of climate change, creating displacement, forced migration, and social dislocation.  He said the MoD suggests that by 2040, 75 per cent of the world’s population will live in mega cities, driven in part by climate migration.

The group then discussed the UK Government policy on renewable energy, changing attitudes towards energy use and the philosophy of economic growth. There was criticism of the Hinckley Point decision and a number of people in favour of wind power in Argyll. Some were heavily critical of the role of large energy companies in renewables and grid ownership. Awkward questions were also raised about the proposed cut in Air Passenger Duty by the Scottish Government , and the decision to expand Heathrow Airport in London.

The meeting was organised by Ardrishaig Church Eco-Group with support from Christian Aid and the Meet Your MSP project.