Moderator praises SCPO project in the Scottish Parliament

The Moderator of the Church of Scotland has praised the Meet Your MSP project in his annual Time for Reflection address at the Scottish Parliament.

Rt Rev Russell Barr mentioned the Church of Scotland involvement in the project which has seen over 65 meetings take place in the last seven months.

He said:

“Through the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office, we have been engaged in the Meet Your MSP project. The idea behind the project is a simple one—to create change in our communities, it is important for church people to get to know and to build relationships with the change makers. From lunch clubs to dementia care groups, children’s activities, food banks, environmental projects and mental health, our congregations are actively involved in all the things that you care about, speak about and make decisions about.”

He commended the event that was held earlier in February to celebrate the project, and to encourage congregations and their MSPs to continue to build good relationships with one another – “to seek the health and wellbeing of the communities we all serve.”

The Moderator has spent his year in the role speaking about the plight of homelessness in Scotland which he has called a “damning indictment” on modern society. He urged MSPs to renew their ambition to reduce the increasing numbers without a home, adding:

“It is my judgment that at best we are managing the situation and have long lost the ambition to resolve it.”

To watch the Moderator’s Time for Reflection, please click here