When thinking about organising meetings, please feel free to use the posters shown above – PDF posters for print to promote the project locally or online.

If you would like to invite your local MSPs to Christmas events please feel free to use the posters above for promotion in print and online – PDF posters for print


Everyone is represented by one constituency and seven regional MSPs. To find out who your MSPs are, click here and use the Find Your MSP feature. This will also give you contact details and information about your MSPs.

For a picture list of all MSPs in the Scottish Parliament please click here

‘Your MSPs’ leaflets have been produced by the Scottish Parliament and they can be downloaded below with details of all local MSPs here.


  • You can email/telephone/write to your MSPs using the contact details found in their parliamentary information. This can be found by looking up their name here
  • To download a letter template that you can fill in and send to your MSP, please click here
  • To contact the Scottish Parliament through social media channels, they can be found here
  • Contacting your MSP directly over social media channels can also be highly effective. Individual Facebook and Twitter information can be found on the MSP biography pages here At various events this year SCPO has used the hashtag #tweetyourmsp and people have messaged their MSPs directly and received responses.

Andreas Wernsing of Uphall South Parish Church who tweeted his local MSPs asking them, “How will you educate to protect the environment?”


Please contact us if you want help coming up with ideas for what to discuss with your MSPs.

Ideas to get you started:

  • Plan a walk around your local area and invite your MSPs along
  • Invite your MSPs to a fundraising coffee morning that you have organised 
  • Organise a community meal and invite your MSPs to talk about what your church/group does locally

You don’t need to have an agenda – this is about getting to know your MSPs. But we have produced a few fact sheets to give you ideas on current topics if you would like to discuss specific things.

Social Security Scotland manages the benefits that are administered in Scotland. To find out more about them and to ask questions of your MSPs, download this FactSheet here.

For ideas on housing, please use this SCHA Factsheet produced by Scottish Churches Housing Action.

For ideas on addressing the ongoing Refugee crisis, please use this SFAR Factsheet produced by Scottish Faiths Action for Refugees.


We want as many churches as possible to set up meetings over the next few months and to let us know the details. A Scottish Parliament event to celebrate church engagement will be held in February 2017 to mark what the project has acheived – we want you to be there!

Please fill in this Feedback Form to let us know what you have planned and send us pictures from your event!

Details will then be uploaded to our Meet Your MSP map which you can view here

On social media, our Facebook page is here and on Twitter you can find us here. Our social media campaign is identified by #meetyourMSP – please tweet and retweet using this hashtag.


As with all of the work that we do, we appreciate your prayers as we seek to build productive links between people in churches and their local politicians.

REPORT – Meet Your MSP: One Year On