Meet Your MSP is an SCPO project that aims to build links between congregations and members of the Scottish Parliament.

We want church communities to be at the heart of the decisions that affect our everyday lives – and what better way to get involved than for your church or community group to meet local MSPs and establish a good working relationship.

The project launched in June 2016 and will continue until we’ve managed to get all MSPs to take part, and as many churches as possible!

Ideas include public meetings, an invitation to a project or church event that you are already organising, or it could be a walk in your local area to highlight issues that you would like addressed. The possibilities are endless – but making contact early is crucial.

SCPO has contacted all 129 MSPs regarding the project and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive – they want to meet you!

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We would also like to thank our following partner organisations who are helping to promote the project through their networks.


The latest podcast from the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) features an interview with Green MSP Ross Greer talking about the challenges of representing younger generations, and how the relationship between faith and the environment affects his role in tackling the climate crisis.

The podcast also features Church of Scotland Climate officer Paul Williams talking about the practical role churches are playing to combat the climate crisis, and the importance of Christian stewardship in addressing environmental issues. Also featured is Irene MacKinnon of SCPO talking about “Meet Your MSP” and the importance of dialogue between churches and politicians.  To listen click here

Here are a few videos from MSPs who have enjoyed taking part in the project –

Kate Forbes, MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch

Kezia Dugdale, MSP for Lothian