Christian organisations and churches have a long tradition of engagement on social, environmental and political issues. This often begins with practical action at a local commuinty level in response to need, and can grow into theological analysis of the structures and systems that have led to the circumstances of need, injustice and marginalisation.

Desmond Tutu said: “When people say that the Bible and politics don’t mix, I ask them which Bible they are reading”. This emphasises the point that the Churches both belong to and are called to serve the world in all its spheres. While Churches would never be party political, in that we would not support or oppose candidates or parties, there are certainly issues of priority concern, and sometimes particular policies or reforms that Churches advocate for.

As we approach Scottish and UK elections, SCPO provides some background information from leading Church thinkers and activists on some of these priority topics. They are designed to inform the reader about a Christian approach to political debate, and include background information as well as suggestions of questions for candidates or campaigners, that could be asked at hustings, if you are canvassed for your opinion, or even for your own personal reflection as you decide how to vote.

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A Just and Green Recovery beyond Covid-19

Adult Social Care

Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Misuse

Constitution and independence referendum

Mental health and suicide

Migration, asylum and refugee issues

Poverty and inequality