The Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office does not campaign or advocate for policy change, but many of the organisations and Churches that we work with do engage in political advocacy.

In the run-up to the May 2021 Scottish Parliamentary election we list below links or papers from other Churches or Christian organisations working in Scotland on political issues.


Quakers in Scotland have been working with Forces Watch to uncover school projects designed to encourage a military ethos. Quakers in Scotland have produced a 2021 election issues briefing paper on militarisation in schools which includes questions for candidates.

Quakers in Scotland – militarisation in schools elections paper

International Development

Christian Aid has been supporting the world’s most vulnerable people and tackling the root causes of poverty for the past 75 years. Christian Aid Scotland have produced a 2021 manifesto including recommendations on climate justice, development education, sustainable economy, the international development fund and poverty coherence for sustainable development. Other campaign resources are also available on their website.

Christian Aid Scotland – Scottish Parliament Elections 2021


Several of Scottish Churches and Christian organisations are members of the Poverty Alliance.

The Poverty Alliance have prepared a manifesto paper calling for a minimum income guarantee, a doubling of the Scottish Child Payment, ending digital exclusion and exploring income and wealth tax changes.

Poverty Alliance – A Scotland for All of Us Elections 2021 Manifesto

Climate Change

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a membership campaign supported by a number of Churches and church-related groups. Their election campaigning to Share, Show, Shout for Climate Justice is calling for more money for the climate justice fund, to increase public awareness and for action at COP26 to support the countries most impacted by climate change.

Watch the video here:

Peace and Disarmament

Quakers in Scotland, Pax Christi Scotland and Christian CND have joined other organisations in supporting a Manifesto for Peace, calling for arms out of Scotland, no funding for war and an economy for peace.

Manifesto for Peace