Churches do not endorse or support individual candidates or parties, but as part of their commitment to the common good many congregations and Christian organisations support participation in democratic activity including discussion and debate, the sharing of ideas and opinions, building relationships with candidates and elected politicians, voting, and praying for all those involved and affected by political decisions.

Scottish Parliament Elections – 6 May 2021

If you want to know more about voting in the election and the powers of the Scottish Parliament, check out our introduction here.

More people may be considering voting by post for the elections on 6 May because of Covid-19.

You can apply to vote by post as a one-off for a single election or for a longer period – but you must make sure you are both registered to vote and have successfully applied for a postal vote. Find out more how to apply for a postal vote.


Elections for the Scottish Parliament are scheduled Thursday 6 May 2021.

In the period before an election, churches and community organisations often put on election meetings (sometimes known as hustings). They do this as a public service, to support the democratic process, to facilitate public debate and as a contribution to the common good.

At these events members of the public can listen to and ask questions of the candidates who are standing for election. Meetings organised by church groups can provide an opportunity for respectful discussion in a neutral space, which is often appreciated by candidates as well as voters.

SCPO provides information and advice for churches looking to host and arrange hustings (election) meetings, where members of the public can come to ask questions of candidates.


We also share news and views on important topics; either priority issues for Churches or a Church response to major issues of the day.

For May 2021 we’ve prepared briefings on a just and green recovery beyond Covid-19, adult social care, alcohol, drugs and substance misuse, constitution and independence referendum, mental health and suicide, migration, asylum and refugee issues, and poverty and inequality.

The Catholic Church in Scotland have also published resources and a pastoral letter Putting Human Life and Dignity at the Centre, all of which can be found on the website of the Catholic Parliamentary Office.


SCPO as a partnership does not support individual campaigns or hold any specific policy lines, though many of the partner Churches will be directly engaged in work to influence and change policy.

We will link to projects or campaigns from any Christian or Church group in Scotland that is working in this way.