Community cash events to take place in local churches

At the start of 2017 the Scottish Government asked the Church of Scotland to pilot Participatory Budgeting (PB) in a number of congregations with £20,000 available for projects in local communities.

Four congregations, from Glasgow, Arbroath and Edinburgh, are participating in the pilot process, each with £5000 to allocate to local projects.  To date, two training events have taken place, with input from PB Partners, and each congregation has invited proposals from groups and individuals on projects that will benefit the wider area. 

Congregations will host events at the end of March to enable the local communities to vote on these proposals, with the aim to provide an outcome that residents feel is the best use of the money for their community. 

PB directly involves local people in making decisions on the spending and priorities in their community, while involving them in the democratic process.   

 To find out more about PB in Scotland click here and for more about the pilot, email Karen Bass on