Churches needed to host conversations about the future of democracy

The Church of Scotland is looking for twenty churches across Scotland to host a community conversation about the future of local democracy.

Conversations in churches will form part of a national Scottish Government consultation called Democracy Matters and will run from September to December 2018 across the country.

The consultation asks people about their experiences of local decision making processes, and whether they would like to see changes to the way in which decisions are made locally in the future. The consultation reflects a growing realisation that many decisions are best taken by the people who will be directly affected by their outcomes.

The Church of Scotland’s Speak Out: 10,000 Voices for Change consultation in 2015 heard a strong call for more local democracy and more direct local decision making from people across Scotland. 

Chloe Clemmons of SCPO welcomed the opportunity for churches to be part of the consultation, saying:

“When I speak to communities around Scotland, everyone has a view about what is best for their area; about what strengths they have and what investment is needed. These local events are a great opportunity to contribute these ideas to the Scottish Government consultation process.”

If your church would like more information on hosting a Democracy Matters conversation please contact Chloe Clemmons.