The Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office (SCPO) was created in 1999. It is a multi-denominational organisation which exists to build fruitful relationships between the Scottish Parliament, Scottish Government and religious groups in Scotland.  In 2005, the remit was expanded to support the churches’ engagement with the UK Parliament and Government.

Scotland’s churches are a distinctive part of Scottish civic life. Together, they played a significant part in the movement which created the Scottish Parliament, and their commitment to the well-being of the nation has continued and developed since then.

The Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office enables Scotland’s churches to:

  • Engage effectively in the political process
  • Translate their commitment to the welfare of Scotland into Parliamentary debate
  • Contribute the range and depth of their experience to the decision-making process.

This is done through updates and briefings to MSPs and MPs; to faith groups, and by bringing people together for dialogue. Often, this is in partnership with other groups in Scottish civil society.

SCPO currently works with the following churches: