IC Change campaign 

The IC Change campaign celebrated at the end of April as the Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women Bill passed both Houses of Parliament, and received Royal Assent.

Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP led the campaign to ratify the Istanbul Convention, which enshrines legal rules on governments to prevent violence against women and prosecute those responsible.  The bill was supported by a range of women’s and feminist campaign organisations who want more action to tackle violence against women and domestic abuse, which often goes under-reported and has historically low rates of conviction compared to other crimes. 

Why the Istanbul Convention?

The Istanbul Convention is the most comprehensive legal framework that exists, outlining minimum standards for a State’s response to violence against women and girls. It covers prevention, protection, prosecution and monitoring. If ratified, the the Convention would bring unprecedented positive change.

The Government has been promising to ratify the Convention since signing it in 2012 but has stalled in making progress over the last two years. We need to increase the pressure on the Government to ratify the Convention and we believe that a Faith Leaders’ Public Call for the Istanbul Convention would help to do this.

There are ways you can support efforts to secure the Istanbul Convention in the UK

  • Write to the MPs and parliamentary networks you are connected with to strongly encourage MPs to attend and vote in favour of the Private Member’s Bill for the Istanbul Convention. For a letter template please click  here
  • Contact MPs on social media and ask them to go to the PMB debate and vote in favour of the Istanbul Convention Bill

For more information on the IC Change campaign follow them on Twitter @ICchangeUK or on Facebook