Church of Scotland

Land Reform (Scotland) Bill (Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee)

Response to the Stage One Call for Evidence on the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill.

Published: August 2015

The Future of Land Reform

Church of Scotland response to the Scottish Government consultation on the ‘Future of Land Reform in Scotland’.

Published: February 2015

Land Reform Review Group

Church of Scotland response to the Scottish Government Land Reform Review Group.

Published: January 2013

Scottish Episcopal Church

Future of Land Reform in Scotland

The question of land reform has long been an issue in economic ethics but has now taken on a new dimension in the context of environmental sustainability.  There is a moral tension in the right to hold land and in the way that it is used and shared by all people.  The SEC therefore welcomes this consultation on the future of land reform in Scotland as part of defining the vision and process of developing a democratically accountable and transparent system of land rights.

Published: February 2015